[isabelle] Bad component catalog file


At a restart by "./bin/isabelle jedit -l HOL &" during work as usual in the repository (i.e. there are "~~/Admin" etc), suddenly Isabelle stopped evaluation of the code: The editor window shows light-pink background colour for the lines, so does the <Theories> Window; no messages on the command line.

On my machine there are several Isabelle versions installed.

Switching to a _fresh_ download of Isabelle2013-2, "Isabelle2013-2$ ./bin/isabelle jedit -l HOL &" causes the error message:

Bad component catalog file: "/usr/local/Isabelle2013-2/Admin/components/main"

And I am surprised to see the same message first time for another version (a distribution without "~~/Admin" etc):

Bad component catalog file: "/usr/local/Isabelle2013-1/Admin/components/main"

Strange, I never saw cross connections between Isabelle versions before.
What is happening here ?


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