[isabelle] some Isabelle/jEdit shortcuts

Dear fellow users,

I'm now using some shortcuts for a while that might be of interest for others. More specifically for the following actions (either via Utilities -> Global Options ... -> jEdit -> Shortcuts; or by editing $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/jedit/keymaps/imported_keymaps.props directly).

* Output panel (Toggle): C+e o
in the props file: isabelle-output-toggle.shortcut=C+e o

* Query panel (Toggle): C+e q
in the props file: isabelle-query-toggle.shortcut=C+e q

* Sledgehammer panel (Toggle): C+e h (for *h*ammering, since C+e s is already given to select-fold by default)
in the props file: isabelle-sledgehammer-toggle.shortcut=C+e h

* Theories panel (Toggle): C+e t
in the props file: isabelle-theories-toggle.shortcut=C+e t

A default shortcut that is useful together with those is "C+l" which will scroll the buffer such that the cursor is centered vertically. E.g., when your Query panel is at the bottom (as for me) and you are working at the lower part of the buffer, after starting a query via C+e q you will no longer see the caret position. Now C+l will scroll there and give the focus back to the buffer. Thus you can conveniently edit your thy file and at the same time read the query results.



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