[isabelle] fast + force prefer 'intro!' over assumptions?


I just noticed, that for a goal like

[| ...; it ⊆ S; ... |] ==> (?it it a b c) ⊆ S

force unifies "?it it a b c" with {} -- and not with 'it' as one would

I suspect, that it first tries to apply intro! rules before looking at
the assumptions. Is this the intended behavior? Or is it due to
something completely different?

A simply DIY-example:

  "it ⊆ S ==> ?it ⊆ S"
  by force

This results in "S ⊆ S"...

- René

P.S.: This mattered to me, because it was part of an 'apply force+'
which then instantiated '?it' wrong...

René Neumann

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