[isabelle] newbie questions: theory for sums and Isar syntax

Hello Isabelle Community!

On Sunday I took my first steps with Isabelle at the very nice and useful Isabelle Tutorial at the Vienna Summer of Logic. Having finished the exercises I am now working on porting a toy proof that I did some time ago using Freek Wiedijk’s miz3 (based on HOL Light) to Isabelle/Isar. In this context, two questions came up:

1) Does Isabelle have a theory for finite sums of numbers?

What is the best way to represent in Isabelle/HOL the sum of all integers from 1 to n or the sum of all integers in a given list? Are there theorems for working with sums available? For example, is the rewrite rule (in mathematical/TeX notation):

   \sum_{i=0}^n a_i = a_0 + \sum_{i=1}^n

proved somewhere in Isabelle’s library? A naive search of the library did not turn up anything.

2) In Isar proofs, is there a way to omit the “by” clause at the end of each statement?

I find that many steps in Isar proofs can be justified by one of the usual suspects (simp, auto, blast, force,…). Is there a way to omit the “by” clause and have Isabelle implicitly try the most common proof methods in some order? miz3 has this feature and it unclutters miz3 proofs considerably.


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