[isabelle] Trying to find someone with hands-on experience in Isabelle Theorem Prover


I'm trying to get in touch with someone who has hands-on experience in
Isabelle Theorem Prover.

I'm trying to take an existing security framework and model it using the
Isabelle Theorem Prover. I have familiarized myself with the Isabelle
environment as well as another base UTP framework which is already encoded
in Isabelle. My work will extend this encoded base framework.

I need someone who has had hands-on experience in Isabelle Theorem Prover
to help me out in some of the syntax issues and choices in modelling some
extensions to the existing encoding extensions. I'd like to sit down with
someone(or maybe skype/google hangout) to work-through my required encoding
and the modifications I've already made towards encoding the framework.

I'm happy to travel anywhere within UK, if required, and also pay a
reasonable fee for his/her time.

I would be very grateful if someone to contact me via this email.


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