Re: [isabelle] print_statement and sorts

On Mon, 30 Jun 2014, Peter Lammich wrote:

Using show_sorts is also not what I really want, as the sort-annotations
pop up in the term, too:

theorem order_refl:
 fixes x :: "'a∷preorder"
 shows "(x∷'a∷preorder) ≤ x"

The best way might be to make print_statement only print non-default
sorts in the fixes-part.

There is a deeper problem here: the simulteneous "uncheck" phase for types/terms before printing should take care of constraints, and reduce them to a sensible minimum. It doesn't do that for various historic reasons: the scope is just a single type or term.

It has required some years to make the dual "check" phase use constraints simulteneously, and "uncheck" might require some time to get there as well.


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