[isabelle] isabelle build -vb runs out of store

When I type
  isabelle build -vbd. ProjectName

it starts the build process as usual, and after some while, it
terminates with the message "Run out of store - interrupting threads":

What runs out of store here, and how can I increase the available store?


Shell output:

Building Cava_buildchain3 ...
Cava_buildchain3: theory IArray
Cava_buildchain3: theory All_Of_Promela
Run out of store - interrupting threads
*** Interrupt
Cava_buildchain3 FAILED
Cava_LTL_Modelchecker CANCELLED
Unfinished session(s): Cava_LTL_Modelchecker, Cava_buildchain3
Finished at Mi 11. Jun 14:09:52 CEST 2014
0:19:03 elapsed time, 1:01:50 cpu time, factor 3.24

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