Re: [isabelle] Code_Target.evaluator raises various exception during serialisation

>> Since we are converging towards a release, you might consider basing
>> your work on a particular source code revision until the next release.
>> I'm not giving this advice light-minded but I trust your experience.  In
>> case, we should continue the discussion on isabelle-dev.
> The problem is that it is not just me, but also a student working on
> this. We'll think about this and let you know if we switch.

What went out well in the past in such borderline situations:
1. start with a certain revision where you have the impression that its
potential oddities do not hinder you project proper
2. stick to that revision
  a) until a new release (candidate) is approaching
  b) until you realise that the assumption from 1. is not valid.

But don't miss 2. a) finally.



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