Re: [isabelle] ERROR Duplicate session "Isac"

Andreas has beaten me to the punch. It's a duplication issue.

I think this might also be a duplicate of an issue that's been raised before - on isabelle-dev by Christian Sternagel, then by myself, etc.

As I said last time, it would be nice if isabelle/src/Pure/Tools/build.scala reported where it read the duplicated addresses from. This makes it clear if there are conflicting ROOT files, perhaps not quite as clear when a ROOT file is being included twice (but clearer than guessing).

Well, that's just my 10 cents.


On 24/06/14 17:03, Walther Neuper wrote:
Building our session "Isac" works very conveniently:

In "~~/ROOTS" we have an entry "src/Tools/isac" and in the latter directory we have a "ROOT" (attached) with

    session Isac in "~~/src/Tools/isac" = HOL + theories Build_Isac

and "Build_Isac.thy" (*); then in the commandline we execute "isabelle jedit -l Isac" which builds the session automatically if an imported file has been changed -- very convenient!

But generating theory browser information causes an ERROR: following system.pdf we execute on the commandline:

    (1)$ ./bin/isabelle build -o browser_info -v -c HOL
(2)$ ./bin/isabelle build -o browser_info -d src/Tools/isac/ -v -b Isac

(1) works perfectly, (2) causes the error "Duplicate session "Isac"" (3) ---

--- where could we have introduced the "Duplicate session" ?


PS(3) the error message in full length:
neuper at neuper:/usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle build -o browser_info -d src/Tools/isac/ -v -b Isac Started at Tue Jun 24 08:26:03 CEST 2014 (polyml-5.5.1_x86-linux on neuper)


Duplicate session "Isac" (file "src/Tools/isac/ROOT")
Finished at Tue Jun 24 08:26:07 CEST 2014
0:00:04 elapsed time, 0:00:03 cpu time

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