Re: [isabelle] Cygwin Isabelle2014 sledgehammer libwww-perl missing

On Wed, 11 Jun 2014, Gottfried Barrow wrote:

I'm using the pre-RC Isabelle2014 from here: at

(This official isabelle-dev archive has stopped working for me:

I get this message when running Sledgehammer:

The Perl module "libwww-perl" appears to be missing. You will need to install it if you want to invoke remote provers.
"remote_vampire": Error: SystemOnTPTP is not available.

I tried to add libwww-perl through the Cygwin setup, but it didn't show up in the setup.

Thanks for testing that unofficial integration-test snapshot. It shows that there was something wrong with the integration, namely the cygwin component.

This thread should have remained on isabelle-dev, though, where the development process happens, and everything is constantly moving -- hopefully forwards and usually quite fast. See also this change from 3 weeks ago:

changeset:   57132:f6fead547e9b
user:        wenzelm
date:        Fri May 30 15:34:14 2014 +0200
files: Admin/components/bundled-windows Admin/components/components.sha1 Admin/lib/Tools/makedist_cygwin
updated cygwin -- include perl_vendor for libwww-perl;

Public testing of isabelle-users of Isabelle2014-RC0 should start at the end of next week. Until then the continued development happens at isabelle-dev.


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