[isabelle] Finding goals in proof terms

Dear Isabelle List,

I'm having some trouble getting the information I need from some proof terms. Specifically, I'm trying to find the sub-goals generated by each rule application. Take for example the lemma below:

lemma test: "A ⟶ A ⟶ A ∧ A"
  apply (rule impI)
  apply (rule impI)
  apply (rule conjI)
  apply assumption
  apply assumption

The "full_prf" command gives the proof term thm.HOL.impI ⋅ ?A ⋅ ?A ⟶ ?A ∧ ?A ∙ (ΛH: ?A. thm.HOL.impI ⋅ ?A ⋅ ?A ∧ ?A ∙ (ΛHa: ?A. conjI ⋅ ?A ⋅ ?A ∙ H ∙ H)). While this does show what I'm looking for, I'm trying to present it in a different format. I have already written functions which look at the nuts and bolts of a proof term and extract information about the rules used, but I can't find the equivalent information about the goals. I've looked at the construction of full_prf and followed the chain of functions back a few steps, but haven't had much luck. I believe the information I'm looking for is used in the reconstruction of the proof, but haven't found it yet. Am I looking in the right place? If not, can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Colin Farquhar

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