[isabelle] Warning: Usage of deprecated font command

Dear developers,

with a current version of KOMAscript, the log is being spammed by many
of messages like this:

*** Class scrartcl Warning: Usage of deprecated font command `\bf'!
*** (scrartcl)              You should note, that in 1994 font command `\bf' has
*** (scrartcl)              been defined for compatiblitiy to Script 2.0 only.
*** (scrartcl)              Now, after two decades of LaTeX2e and NFSS2, you
*** (scrartcl)              shouldn't use such commands any longer and within
*** (scrartcl)              KOMA-Script usage of `\bf' is definitely deprecated.
*** (scrartcl)              See `fntguide.pdf' for more information about
*** (scrartcl)              recommended font commands.
*** (scrartcl)              Note also, that KOMA-Script will remove the definition
*** (scrartcl)              of `\bf' anytime until release of about version 3.20.
*** (scrartcl)              But for now, KOMA-Script will replace deprecated `\bf'
*** (scrartcl)              by `\normalfont \bfseries ' on input line 48.

I can’t assess if the warning is correct, but would still appreciate if
this could be adjusted in the next Isabelle release.


Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Inform. Joachim Breitner
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

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