Re: [isabelle] Warning: Usage of deprecated font command

>From what I can say the warning is correct, though I did not
know it before I just googled for this: There was a decision in 
LaTeX2e to replace commands like \rm, \bf, etc by \textrm, \textbf...
and also have new commands \rmfamily, \bfseries etc. The semantic
difference is that \textbf, for example, changes the font to bold 
but leaves font settings such as italic or sans serif unchanged. In
contrast \rm would radically change the font to the standard roman font. 
If this is wanted, you should have typed \rmfamily to change the font. 
You can see the difference if you wanted something like bold and
italic, because both 

   {\bf\it only italic}
   {\it\bf only bold}

do not work, but

  \textbf{\textit{bold and italic}}
  \textit{\textbf{italic and bold}}

do. Who knew?

Anyway, only very few packages seem to actually complain about
this change (KOMAscript is one of the few) and certainly the "world"
seems to not have noticed nor have cared. It seems, yes the change makes 
more sense and is technically more correct, but is still a pain in the
backside writing \textbf{} for {\rm }. But somehow such inflictions on 
users sound a tad familiar.....;o) 

Hope this helps,

PS: I googled for 

  KOMAscript \bf deprecated  

and then 

  \rmfamily \rm Latex2e

to find the relevant info.

On Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 11:32:39 (+0200), Joachim Breitner wrote:
 > Dear developers,
 > with a current version of KOMAscript, the log is being spammed by many
 > of messages like this:
 > *** Class scrartcl Warning: Usage of deprecated font command `\bf'!
 > *** (scrartcl)              You should note, that in 1994 font command `\bf' has
 > *** (scrartcl)              been defined for compatiblitiy to Script 2.0 only.
 > *** (scrartcl)              Now, after two decades of LaTeX2e and NFSS2, you
 > *** (scrartcl)              shouldn't use such commands any longer and within
 > *** (scrartcl)              KOMA-Script usage of `\bf' is definitely deprecated.
 > *** (scrartcl)              See `fntguide.pdf' for more information about
 > *** (scrartcl)              recommended font commands.
 > *** (scrartcl)              Note also, that KOMA-Script will remove the definition
 > *** (scrartcl)              of `\bf' anytime until release of about version 3.20.
 > *** (scrartcl)              But for now, KOMA-Script will replace deprecated `\bf'
 > *** (scrartcl)              by `\normalfont \bfseries ' on input line 48.
 > I can’t assess if the warning is correct, but would still appreciate if
 > this could be adjusted in the next Isabelle release.
 > Thanks,
 > Joachim
 > -- 
 > Dipl.-Math. Dipl.-Inform. Joachim Breitner
 > Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
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