Re: [isabelle] Warning: Usage of deprecated font command

On Wed, 7 May 2014, Joachim Breitner wrote:

Dear developers,

with a current version of KOMAscript, the log is being spammed by many
of messages like this:

*** Class scrartcl Warning: Usage of deprecated font command `\bf'!
*** (scrartcl)              You should note, that in 1994 font command `\bf' has
*** (scrartcl)              been defined for compatiblitiy to Script 2.0 only.
*** (scrartcl)              Now, after two decades of LaTeX2e and NFSS2, you
*** (scrartcl)              shouldn't use such commands any longer and within
*** (scrartcl)              KOMA-Script usage of `\bf' is definitely deprecated.
*** (scrartcl)              See `fntguide.pdf' for more information about
*** (scrartcl)              recommended font commands.
*** (scrartcl)              Note also, that KOMA-Script will remove the definition
*** (scrartcl)              of `\bf' anytime until release of about version 3.20.
*** (scrartcl)              But for now, KOMA-Script will replace deprecated `\bf'
*** (scrartcl)              by `\normalfont \bfseries ' on input line 48.

The "new" font-selection scheme of LaTeX2e makes me nostalgic, because I was a young student when that was introduced, and everybody had to study the manual to see how things are now properly done -- it was generally a big improvement. IIRC, some compond macros like \rm and \bf where not really discontinued, but left as useful abbreviations for the longer and more systematic forms.

What did make a big difference, though, was \emph with its built-in italic correction, to replace ancient \em. The "new" \emph macros is also the deeper reason, why the slightly odd mix of text mode and math mode in Isabelle documentation preparation looks reasonably well: it is used to let LaTeX insert italic corrections, even if there is not really italic text.

I am all for removing ancient junk, but I am unsure about the KOMA guy -- he seems to like unconventional things just to be different. The TeX world is untyped and unscoped, so any real cleanup of old macros is unrealistic.

I canʼt assess if the warning is correct, but would still appreciate if
this could be adjusted in the next Isabelle release.

Just as a general concept, the Isabelle document preparation emits certain LaTeX sources that probably make sense in many situations. The real semantics is determined by the collection of style files that are loaded in root.tex, but this sometimes requires some re-adjustments in the prelude.

So the easiest way to avoid KOMA complaining could something like


in your root.tex.


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