Re: [isabelle] Warning: Usage of deprecated font command

On Wed, 7 May 2014, Makarius wrote:

IIRC, some compond macros like \rm and \bf where not really discontinued, but left as useful abbreviations for the longer and more systematic forms.

Here is also a "proof" from the official latex/base/fntguide.tex:

  |\DeclareOldFontCommand| \arg{cmd} \arg{text-switch}

  Declares command \m{cmd} to be a font switch (i.e.~used with the
  syntax |{<cmd>...}|) having the definition \m{text-switch}
  when used in text and the definition \m{math-switch} when used in a
  Math alphabet commands, like |\mathit|, when used within \m{math-switch}
  should not have an argument.  Their use in this argument causes their
  semantics to change so that they here act as a font switch, as
  required by the usage of the \m{cmd}.

  This declaration is useful for setting up commands like |\rm| to behave
  as they did in \LaTeX~2.09. We strongly urge you \emph{not} to misuse
  this declaration to invent new font commands.

This sounds more like "old" in the sense of Isabelle jargon, not "legacy" nor "obsolete".

Note that \it and \em do make a difference in practice, since they don't insert italic correction. So {\em bad} will normally look bad, depending on the surrounding font, the correct form is \emph{good}.


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