Re: [isabelle] 64-bit Java is 6x faster than 32-bit for a recursive fibonacci

On 14-05-16 11:26, Richard Waldinger wrote:
*From: *James McDonald <mcdonald at <mailto:mcdonald at>>
*Subject: **Re: speed of functional language implementations*
*Date: *May 15, 2014 at 1:11:05 PM PDT
*To: *Richard Waldinger <waldinger at AI.SRI.COM <mailto:waldinger at AI.SRI.COM>>

On a Macbook Pro (2.3 GHz) I get 2.4 seconds for fully optimized SBCL, using fixnums.
If I use integers instead, it is 7.8 seconds.


Thanks for the info from James McDonald. I was confused about SBCL. I had installed it, but I thought the instructions on how to build it was part of what to do to compile a script. When sorting through 20 languages, unfamiliarity and some resistance can cause me to abandon testing a language out.

This worked out better, because I hadn't downloaded the newest version for Windows.

With SBCL on Windows, with the default options, I get 5.6 seconds for fixnum, and 9.8 seconds for integer. I'm running a 2.8GHz old quad core, where it only utilizes 25% of the cpu when it's running the program.

Where SBCL really separates itself is with big integers, because fib(42) is only 4807526976. That wasn't forcing these other languages to use non-machine integers, the ones that don't make you choose. I say more about that in my reply to Makarius.


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