Re: [isabelle] Easier quick PDF generation possible?

On Fri, 24 Oct 2014, Gergely Buday wrote:

And, isabelle build seems to be slow, does it use the information from the continuous proof checking? I guess not. If it were part of Isabelle/JEdit, it would be much different.

The perceived slowness of invoking "isabelle build" from the command-line is mainly the JVM startup and warmup time (to have the just-in-time compiler go through the massive amounts of byte code).

It is much faster if invoked directly from the running PIDE in the Console/Scala plugin of Isabelle/jEdit. After 2-3 runs of the exploration of dependencies is actually quite fast.

Of course, exploration of dependencies for document preparation is a bit pointless in the first place. It is a left-over from the old times of "make", and even until today people sometimes think they have to invoke that ancient tool to make something, although it slows downs things a lot.


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