Re: [isabelle] ad: run heap with minimal effort in Isabelle2013-2

On Fri, 7 Nov 2014, Walther Neuper wrote:

The theories and ML-files of our project are managed in a session Isac, which creates a heap with the same name.

We try to make installation easy for users such that they
#  create an Isabelle standard installation
#  copy the Isac binary to the place where the Pure- and HOL-binaries reside.

Now we want to start from a shell by

  Isabelle2013-2/bin$ ./isabelle jedit -l Isac &

and get the message

  Undefined session(s): "Isac"

Is there a way to trick out the ROOT(S) in Isabelle2013-2? If yes, how?

There is no need for tricks -- there are many official ways.

The most basic one is to add a suitable -d option the the isabelle jedit command line above, and then have ROOT or ROOTS entries within that directory.

Another possibility is to make an Isabelle component that provides its own ROOT/ROOTS hierarchy. Examples for such components may be found via "isabelle components -l".

The "system" manual describes in further detail how things work.


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