[isabelle] Isabelle/PIDE as IDE for Standard ML

Dear Isabelle users,

the current Isabelle2014 has this built-in PIDE support for official Standard ML (SML'97) that was already mentioned a few times before; it is briefly explained in the NEWS of the distribution.

I would like to publicize this as much as possible. It could help the general cause of Standard ML (the best unknown programming language in the world) and in particular Poly/ML (the best unknown implementation of SML).

Here is the corresponding entry on my new website/blog:

This is a permanent link that can be used elsewhere, despite the slightly odd name, which is normal in WordPress, I think. Of course, enthusiastic users are encouraged to publish their own texts about the SML IDE.

My blog mentions a sister entry on Stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2036744/ml-ide-and-compiler-for-windows-or-linux-or-mac

I don't want to bribe anybody, but maybe we could collect a few more votes for that article so that it is higher ranked. This is relevant, because Google presently places it first for a query like "SML IDE".


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