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On Tue, 18 Nov 2014, Lars Hupel wrote:

There's one caveat left: All of the above presumes that using Scala is not a problem. It's certainly possible to do all of the above with Java, although I guess it's going to be rather verbose syntactically.

That is the old question of accessing a Scala library from Java.

You probably understand yourself more about the Scala compiler and its representation of Scala things on the JVM than I do. My impression in the past 7 years was that these things do change between major releases of Scala, and direct Java access is not properly supported.

The Isabelle/Scala attitude towards that problem is to ask users to write their own little Scala module to access the PIDE infrastructure, and expose it to an existing Java program, if they really have to. In some sense, Isabelle/jEdit does the same, because jEdit is just another Java program.

Big commercial frameworks like Akka advertize dual Java and Scala APIs, but that is not for free -- it was implemented like that from the start (with the intention to make money in the Java market).


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