Re: [isabelle] Sublocale, subclass and execution.

Hi Clemens,

> in the documentation, please note that the term 'mixing' needs
explaining.  My documentation only refers to rewrite morphisms not mixin
equations.  I use mixin only in the source code (but user don't normally
read that).

thanks for pointing that out.  I will polish this further.

> Is there really a need for a new command?  Wouldn't it make more sense to integrate the new functionality with 'interpretation' and 'sublocale'.

There might be chances for something like

  fixes …
  assumes …

permanent_interpretation …


to work some day.  Anyway, I first have to conduct some experiments to
get an idea what the challenges are.


P. S. This has left the proper scope of isabelle-users already, so we
should continue the thread on isabelle-dev.


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