Re: [isabelle] New Z3 dependency

Dear Marco,

Am 04.11.2014 um 17:39 schrieb marco caminati <marco.caminati at>:

> I upgraded to Isabelle2014, and noticed, among many differences I am trying to get accustomed to, that Z3 was no longer invoked by sledgehammer.
> Long story short: I installed the linux package containing libgomp, and now Z3 works. I think this library was not needed in previous Isabelle releases.
> Maintainers might want to state this new requirement in NEWS file.

Thanks for the report (and sorry for the delay). This looks indeed like a new requirement, at least on Linux. Now that Z3 4.3.2 has officially been released, I will need to produce new packages anyway, and I'll look more closely into the issue (and/or simply update the NEWS and the requirements listed on the web site).



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