Re: [isabelle] where is "Isabelle/Show me .../Facts" menu in window version of Isabelle

On Tue, 28 Oct 2014, M A wrote:

above link mention in proof general, the "Isabelle/Show me .../Facts" menu

The proper spelling is "Proof General" with capitals. It was once the main user interface for Isabelle, and is still used in some other proof assistants like Coq.

In Isabelle2014 Proof General is no longer included, but it happens to work as "optional component" as explained in the NEWS. In the next release it will be no longer there -- its deletion is scheduled for the end of this week!

As a new user of Isabelle, there is no need to know what Proof General is or was. I do recommend, though, to study the Isabelle/jEdit manual, which is available in the "Documentation" panel via the label "jedit". For example, it explains how to input mathematical symbols (there is more than one way to do it).


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