Re: [isabelle] Use of simp add:

In response to my submission, Lars Noschinski wrote: 'The goal "2*x ~= 3" is a bit tricky for automated tools: The reasoning is that 2*x is even and 3 is odd. However, neither "even" nor "odd" is mentioned in the goal.' But a proof that "2*x ~= 3" by reference to even and odd doesn't generalize in even simple ways, such as "3*x ~= 5". The real solution, it would appear to me, is that ax=b (for the free variable x, and constant natural numbers a and b) should simplify to b mod a = 0. Since a and b are constants, this should be easy to check. Similarly, ax ~= b should simplify to b mod a ~= 0. For "2*x ~= 3", this would simplify to 3 mod 2 ~= 0, or 1 ~= 0. -Douglas
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