[isabelle] Isabelle/jEdit requests loading of files during shutdown

Dear Makarius,

Here's an observation about Isabelle2014 that seems surprising and a bit undesired at first. When I close Isabelle/jEdit with a number of unsaved theory files, I get a popup that asks me which of those I want to save. Then, I first select a subset of the files to be safed and click on "safe selected" and they disappear from the list. Unfortunately, there is immediately a new popup that asks me whether I want to load the theories that I have just eliminated from the list. To me, this popup is bogus, because I am trying to shutdown jEdit and therefore do not want to load any theories. I just want to continue to save or discard my changes. Instead, I have to get rid of this popup first. It would be great if this popup does not show up in the next release.


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