Re: [isabelle] How to "unhide" constants in Isabelle

On Sat, 13 Sep 2014, Wenda Li wrote:

I am using constants such as Real.Real, Real.cauchy and Real.vanishes in my theory. However, as some implementation details of reals are hidden by the statement

   hide_const (open) vanishes cauchy positive Real

in "Real.thy", I have to use "Real.cauchy" instead of "cauchy" in my files, which is slightly annoying. Is there a way to "unhide" those constants in my files to make it more convenient?

I guess Brian Huffman had good reasons to hide these implementation details when he introduced that in 2010 here:

Nonetheless, if you really want to tinker with const names, there are at least two possibilities: (1) abbreviations or (2) name space aliases.

For example:

  abbreviation "cauchy ≡ Real.cauchy"

  setup ‹Sign.const_alias @{binding cauchy} @{const_name Real.cauchy}›

The alias is more low-level -- you normally don't do that to avoid mass confusion in libraries, which explains why there is no Isar command for that. It reverse the effect of 'hide' more precisely, though.


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