Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2014 and ProofGeneral

Makarius <makarius at ...> writes:

Makarius> How about actually reading the "system" manual concerning
Makarius> Isabelle components?

I had done so.  I wouldn't presume to post here without doing so.
I should have mentioned this, sorry.

I added the unzipped PG location to the $ISABELLE_HOME/etc/components
file, as the system manual directed me.  It didn't change anything.

Makarius> Alternatively, you can get some additional explanations on the
Makarius> parallel thread "Isabelle 2014 and proof general".

Makarius> I now regret that I made Proof General optional in
Makarius> Isabelle2014.  It should have been deleted outright, without
Makarius> further comments.

Makarius> Nonetheless, there is always the possibility to put genuine
Makarius> reasons for remaining uses of Proof General on the table for
Makarius> discussion, but excluding anything that is isomorphic to "I
Makarius> don't want to change my habits".

I have read that thread now, thanks.  I disagree with most of what you
say there, but I can see there's no changing your position, so I will
resist the urge to jump in.

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