[isabelle] distributed installation + sledgehammer file write permissions


I use Isabelle for teaching and it was installed by an adjustment to the web-distribution for our Linux machines. 
Now, I will need to use a lab running on Window, s and that created a few issues I couldn’t help our support team much.

1) distributed config setup:
Is there any suggested / configuration-setup for distributed installations of Isabelle (Linux or Windows)? The support
guy said, for example, the the Window installation asking for a directory would be a problem for an administered install.

In the end, I extracted the .exe and built HOL heaps and use that as a starting point to be shared (i.e. in the way Windows 
lab is setup, that means running a shared copy of Isabelle remotely as local installations aren’t viable).

2) sledgehammer file write access:

This worked to a degree, but say, sledgehammer fails saying SysErr because of a file-write problem. Where is it SH is trying to write to?
Or in general, what would you suggest to make a distributed Windows installation viable for a teaching lab?

This is for Isabelle2014 on Windows 8.1

Many thanks.


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