Re: [isabelle] distributed installation + sledgehammer file write permissions

On Thu, 25 Sep 2014, Leo Freitas wrote:

I had looked at the etc/settings file before, but not for Windows. I think the change to ISABELLE_TMP_PREFIX and ISABELLE_HOME_USER to a suitable directory for CS-support will suffice.

These are indeed the two main Isabelle settings for user-specific material that is written at run-time. The central ISABELLE_HOME/etc/settings may be tweaked to change them.

Note that there is also USER_HOME as a platform-independent version of HOME known from Unix.

the whole thing came about because locally they had a last-minute change from a ready Linux-setup to what a new-Windows environment panic! As I divorced myself from windows a while ago, was just in a helpless situation to advice support on what to do on short notice.

In Isabelle2014 the default USER_HOME is based on HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH, and ISABELLE_TMP_PREFIX is within the Cygwin /tmp (i.e. within the installation directory). Both might need further refinements for multi-user environments.

What we could need is some advice from a genuine Windows expert, to tell where the canonical locations are in a networked environment.


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