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>> Set theory version here:
>> --lcp

We also formalized some bits and pieces of cardinal theory in Isabelle/HOL:

No limit cardinals in our formalization, of course. Just like in Larry's paper 18 years earlier, our main motivation was the construction of more flexible (co)datatypes.  

Of a different flavor is Brian's prior formalization of a rich theory of countable ordinals in Isabelle/HOL:


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Hi Eddy, 
>I don't think you can do such a construction in HOL, otherwise you would be able to use it for giving (in HOL) a model-theoretic proof of HOL's consistency.
> Andrei 
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>How does one build a limit cardinal in Isabelle from an ascending sequence of cardinals?
>For example, if I start from the types nat, nat -> bool, (nat -> bool) -> bool, etc., is it possible to create a type into which I can embed all of these types?
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