[isabelle] 2 year postdoc on formal security at Swansea University (Markus Roggenbach)

       +++ call for applications +++   

            2 year post doc
         at Swansea Univeristy
       on formal security analys of
           smart phone apps

       +++ call for applications +++   

The position is part of the EPSRC funded project “App Collusion
Detection” (ACID), a Business-academic collaboration in
cyber-security. In the context of this project, the postholder will

- Develop and implement Generic Java2CSP 
  abstractions for smart phone apps,

- Characterize various forms of collusion 
  in terms of CSP information flow definitions

- Analyze sets of smart phone apps for collusion 
  via model checking, and 

- Integrate the developed technology into 
  McAfee's Threat Analysis System.

The project is undertaken by a consortium consisting of McAfee, a
global security company protecting computing devices and networks for
consumers and enterprises, the Centre for Cyber Security Sciences at
City University London, the SaFe Group at Coventry University, and the
Processes and Data Group at Swansea University, see

Applicants should hold a Postgraduate degree in Computer Science or a
closely related subject. Background knowledge in some of the following
areas will be required: security, information flow, process algebra,
verification, semantics, and mathematical logic. A PhD in Computer
Science or closely related subject is desirable.

Closing Date: 30-10-2014
Salary: £27,864 to £30,728 per annum
Application details at


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