Re: [isabelle] Number of undos

On Tue, 30 Sep 2014, bnord wrote:

I wouldn't recommend using jEdit undo at all, you can't undo undos (as in emacs) so you live with the illusion you can get back to previous states while a single edit after an undo can cut of arbitrary parts of your documents history.

Using Emacs myself over 15 years, I never understood its way of undo or undo-undo.

jEdit is more standard in that sense: it follows customs from the 1980/1990-ies that are well-established in many applications. There is undo and redo to move in the history in the normal way. There might be questions how the graniularity of history steps is actually determined, but that is something for regular jEdit user channels. Myself I just adopted the mechanics of the existing editor in my editing -- as I did for other editors in the past.

How about someone opnening a question on stackoverflow with tag "jedit" (not "isabelle")? Or posting on some jedit mailing list?


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