[isabelle] Unknown Isabelle tool: env


After studying system.pdf several times and now for a while, I cannot come to a clue and give an exhaustive protocol of what I'm doing -- sorry for the long ist.

(1) According to ~~/README_REPOSITORY I follow pt.2 Clone repository, and the cloned Isabelle2014 runs perfectly.

(2) Then I need to merge with our local development and see, that the previously running installation is broken:

  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle jedit -l HOL
  Unknown Isabelle tool: env

(3) So I retry

  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle components -I
  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle components -a
  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle jedit -l HOL
  Unknown Isabelle tool: env

(4) And then I get stuck, because I cannot even clean:

  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle build -c
  Unknown Isabelle tool: env

What can I do to get the "Isabelle tool: env" known (*)?


PS: During the above mentioned merge I noticed, that ~~/ROOTS had lost the entry "src/Tools/", but the above trials were run with this entry reestablished.

(*) There is also no matching "Unknown Isabelle tool: env" in the mailarchive, and I cannot relate "Unknown Isabelle tool" to my problem, sorry.

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