Re: [isabelle] Unknown Isabelle tool: env

On Sat, 11 Apr 2015, Walther Neuper wrote:

After studying system.pdf several times and now for a while, I cannot come to a clue and give an exhaustive protocol of what I'm doing -- sorry for the long ist.

(1) According to ~~/README_REPOSITORY I follow pt.2 Clone repository, and the cloned Isabelle2014 runs perfectly.

(2) Then I need to merge with our local development and see, that the previously running installation is broken:

The "need to merge" is the deeper problem here. Collecting many adhoc changes of the Isabelle repository an merging the whole new history over and over again eventually leads to a big mess.

I don't think a merge is needed at all. Isabelle is so modular wrt. its "components" that any tool out there should be able to fit into an official Isabelle version without adhoc changes. If not, I would like to see explicit counter-examples, which can then be eliminated.

  /usr/local/isabisac$ ./bin/isabelle jedit -l HOL
  Unknown Isabelle tool: env

PS: During the above mentioned merge I noticed, that ~~/ROOTS had lost the entry "src/Tools/", but the above trials were run with this entry reestablished.

(*) There is also no matching "Unknown Isabelle tool: env" in the mailarchive, and I cannot relate "Unknown Isabelle tool" to my problem, sorry.

Isabelle command-line tools are collected from ISABELLE_TOOLS within the Isabelle environment. This is produced by the available components. The "env" tool is so elementary that it is in $ISABELLE_HOME/lib/Tools -- if that is not accessible, hardly anything should work.


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