Re: [isabelle] Unknown Isabelle tool: tty

sorry for the noise: with the right paths both, Isabelle2013-2 and Isabelle2014, work fine in parallel

Here I stopped my trials for another question, where you are probably the only person to answer it: In the meanwhile I found out, that the Isabelle installation on my computer behaves coherently:

wneuper at ProBook:~/proto3$ ./repos/isac-java/src/java/properties/START_ISABELLE
   Unknown Isabelle tool: tty

where the script "START_ISABELLE", called from Java, is a plain "isabelle tty ..."

So my question: Can we run Isabelle2013-2 and Isabelle2014 in parallel on one computer?
And if yes: How do we do that?

The same error message occurs after deletion of "~/.isabelle" and re-build of Isabelle2013-2.


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