Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2015-RC0 available for testing

On 11.04.2015 21:49, Makarius wrote:
> Dear Isabelle users,
> we are heading towards Isabelle2015, hopefully to appear at the end of
> May 2015. To get started with public testing of release candidates
> there is now
> RC0 is still relatively early in the process: the website has no
> content yet, and some documentation is not yet updated.  The NEWS file
> is already ready for inspection (using the tree-view of Sidekick).
> Any problems, observations etc. can be discussed here on the mailing
> list. Quite often a change of behaviour is perceived as a problem, and
> sometimes it is one, sometimes not.  In any case, open discussion
> helps to figure out what is potentially confusing to users.
I have occasionally problems with hovering, in the sense that popups do
not appear (at least not in a reasonable amount of time). I have not
been able to discern a pattern, so here are some observations:

  * Most of the time, everything works fine.
  * Sometimes, I do not get popups at all (but clicking still works).
  * Sometimes, I get popups at some places, but not in other places
    (even in the same file on the same screen).
  * Forcing Isabelle to reprocess by changing some part above (or
    cutting and pasting the relevant part) does not seem to help.
  * Once, popups didn't work for some part at the top of the screen.
    Scrolling up helped. When I scrolled down again, I couldn't get the
    popup anymore. This was repeatable.
  * Usually, it vanishes after a restart, but some files seem to trigger
    this behaviour more easily (or there are some external conditions
    which cause this?). While writing this mail, I had to restart jEdit
    a few times, till I got working popups in a certain file.
    Afterwards, I worked reliably; even after more restarts.

This is not due to a grey-out or pink-out.

I had this behaviour with 2015-RC0 in an almost standard configuration
(smaller fontsize and a few additional keybindings)

  -- Lars

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