[isabelle] Call for Votes on Bids to Host ITP-2016

It is a long-standing custom of ITP (and TPHOls) to 
vote on where the next ITP should take place. Anyone 
who is seriously considering attending ITP 2016 is 
entitled to vote. We received four bids which can 
be viewed at


The voting procedure employed will be Single Transferable
Vote: each ballot will consist of your preferences in decreasing 
order. Votes will be counted in a series of rounds until a 
candidate wins a majority. At each round, the least popular 
candidate will be eliminated. You should send your vote
by email to 

  itp2015 at easychair.org

Include your name and affiliation for the sole purpose of 
preventing ballot stuffing: all votes will remain secret. 
The deadline for voting is Wednesday

  20 May 2015

Xingyuan Zhang and Christian Urban (ITP-15 co-chairs)

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