[isabelle] HOL-Word contains trivial lemmas

It appears that there are two occurrences of "True" in HOL-Word:

lemma "True"

Auto solve_direct: The current goal can be solved directly with
  HOL.TrueI: True
  Word_Miscellaneous.z1pdiv2': True
  Word_Miscellaneous.z1pmod2': True

The definitions of these lemmas are:

lemmas z1pmod2' = zero_le_one [THEN pos_zmod_mult_2, simplified]
lemmas z1pdiv2' = zero_le_one [THEN pos_zdiv_mult_2, simplified]

This is already the case for Isabelle2014.

I guess the header of the Word_Miscellaneous theory is even more spot on
than Florian intended :-)

header {* Miscellaneous lemmas, of at least doubtful value *}


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