Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2015-RC0 available for testing

I've toyed around with the various '_deps' commands a bit. I do like the
new graph viewer. Here are my observations:

* The new viewer is a jEdit panel, which means it always stays on top
unless it's minimized (my environment: KDE 4.x). Could this be changed,
possibly for all panels, so that it does not stay on top, or is this a
jEdit limitation? Most desktop environments offer a shortkey to force
such behaviour anyway, so I could just enable it on the spot if I wanted to.

* 'thy_deps' offers no possibility to fold heaps. Was that a deliberate
decision? In my current development I have about 3-4 layered images and
would like to fold them.

* Most applications offer zooming by scrolling while pressing Ctrl. In
the viewer, I can't do that. (For the records, the old graph viewer also
didn't offer this.)


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