Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: Small Scala library to communicate with Isabelle

> --- could you, please, have a look at the last commit e3dd289
> <>
> to [1]: there all compiles without errrors, because the questionable
> operation is out-commented in all files.

The Isabelle code looks correct (and indeed, it builds fine).

As for the Scala code, there are two problems, but they can be easily fixed:

-  val Iterator = implicitly[Int, XML.tree]("iterator")
+  val Iterator = implicitly[math.BigInt, XML.Tree]("iterator")

Conceptually, an ML 'int' can have an arbitrary size, but a JVM 'Int' is
only 32 bits. Hence, it is modelled as a BigInt. Additionally, the
'XML.Tree' is uppercase.

I also guess that you're not going to need the 'ITERATOR' declaration in
the Java API, unless you want to use the Java API.


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