Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2015-RC0 available for testing

For the paper I just advertised we used the old graph viewer to display the AFP graph because it looks a bit better. I have attached both versions. Look at nodes 55 and 85 to see some of the differences. The new placement leads to more lines intersecting.

I am also not sold on the splines used in some cases, they are a bit wavy. Look at the lines emerging from 63 or 33 in the new viewer.

However, these are just small blemishes and in other situation the new layout may actually look better.


On 17/04/2015 10:26, Lars Hupel wrote:
I've toyed around with the various '_deps' commands a bit. I do like the
new graph viewer. Here are my observations:

* The new viewer is a jEdit panel, which means it always stays on top
unless it's minimized (my environment: KDE 4.x). Could this be changed,
possibly for all panels, so that it does not stay on top, or is this a
jEdit limitation? Most desktop environments offer a shortkey to force
such behaviour anyway, so I could just enable it on the spot if I wanted to.

* 'thy_deps' offers no possibility to fold heaps. Was that a deliberate
decision? In my current development I have about 3-4 layered images and
would like to fold them.

* Most applications offer zooming by scrolling while pressing Ctrl. In
the viewer, I can't do that. (For the records, the old graph viewer also
didn't offer this.)


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