Re: [isabelle] Difficulties with "setsum" (Alfio Martini)

On Tue, 28 Apr 2015, Matthew Fernandez wrote:

That is normal on Linux/X11.  On Windows and Mac OS X, the rendering is

fine. I usually use Mac OS X for presentation, and restrict Linux to private use at home, when nobody is looking.

This is not really an Isabelle/jEdit issue, but rather that Java (or Java developers?) makes only a token effort at making its applications look/behave like native applications.

The problem here is that there is no native UI framework on Linux. Or do you mean Motif? It is still supported by Java/AWT/Swing, but unusable.

GTk is sometimes considered native, but it is merely one of many forks that make the platform a big mess. I do use the GTk look-and-feel of Java/Swing myself, because it does the GUI scaling almost right -- this is essential for 4K displays.


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