Re: [isabelle] Changes in the use of the tab key

On Wed, 4 Feb 2015, W. Douglas Maurer wrote:

Before Isabelle2014 came out, I put together a write-up for my students, based on Isabelle2013, which, among other things, covered entering special characters using the tab key.

If you want you can show me the write-up, so that I see what kind of really important information needs to be given in the Isabelle/jEdit manual.

For example, you could enter <= followed by the tab key and the single less-than-or-equal character would come up on the screen. In Isabelle2014, this is improved ...

Did you see the extended section "3.5 Completion" of the Isabelle/jEdit manual?

If there is anything missing or unclear in the text, I am ready to listen.

If there is anything missing or unclear in the concepts and their implementation, particular points might get queued in the pipeline (the metaphorical one one that leads from Central Asia to Europe).


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