Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: Small Scala library to communicate with Isabelle

I decided to implement a proof-of-concept library demonstrating the
minimum amount of code needed to manage and communicate with an Isabelle
process. You can find the code at


Thank you very much for this extensive work, it promises the survival of our project!

Your code presents lots of new stuff; I also studied system.pdf.
But I got stuck with this:

1) Build an image of "Hello_PIDE"
    $ $ISABELLE_HOME/bin/isabelle build -d . -bv Hello_PIDE
which results in:

Started at Wed Feb 11 13:18:40 CET 2015 (polyml-5.5.2_x86-linux on ProBook)


*** Duplicate session "RAW" (line 3 of "src/Pure/ROOT") (line 3 of "/usr/local/Isabelle2014/src/Pure/ROOT")
Finished at Wed Feb 11 13:18:45 CET 2015
0:00:05 elapsed time, 0:00:04 cpu time

Renaming "RAW" in "pide-core/src/main/scala/Tools/build.scala" renaming is no way out; so what can I do ?


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