Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: Small Scala library to communicate with Isabelle

> seem to have worked; I still have to study what extensive work these two
> lines have accomplished.

Not much, really: just building a tiny Isabelle session (whose only
purpose is to echo the input it receives) and then compiling some Scala
sources, producing a JAR file.

> But now I am stuck again with
>> wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$ java -cp
>> full/target/scala-2.11/libisabelle-full.jar Hello_PIDE Exception in
>> thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Unknown Isabelle home
>> directory at isabelle.Library$ERROR$.apply(library.scala:20) at

This requires

$ export ISABELLE_HOME=/usr/local/Isabelle2014

> because ISABELLE_HOME seems to be known
>> wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$
>> /usr/local/Isabelle2014/bin/isabelle env
>> :
>> ISABELLE_HOME=/usr/local/Isabelle2014

The way 'ISABELLE_HOME' is determined is slightly tricky. As far as I
can tell, there are at least three ways:

1) when running Isabelle via the 'bin/isabelle' wrapper, in which case
the path is determined by the location of the wrapper
2) when starting Isabelle via PIDE, in which case the path is read from
the 'ISABELLE_HOME' environment variable
3) when starting Isabelle via PIDE, in which case the path can be
overriden via some internal mechanism

Right now, I'm using 2 but I really should be using 3.

> and because I don't find the java argument "-cp" at

'-cp' tells Java where to find its class files. In this case, it just
consists of one JAR file.


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