Re: [isabelle] Changes in the use of the tab key

On Wed, 4 Feb 2015, W. Douglas Maurer wrote:

However, I now find that some of the other uses of the tab key don't work any more. In particular, I used to be able to type colon-tab to get the is-a-member-of character, and that doesn't work in Isabelle2014. If I hover over the button for that character in the Symbols panel, the only abbreviation that shows there is the colon character. I could still type \<in>, but doing that would not be faster than finding the button for is-a-member-of and clicking on it.

(Back to the original question, without any meta-questions and diverging private threads on other topics.)

I guess that above you merely experience the effect of the semantic context of completion in Isabelle2014. It should work as expected, if you type
into a term context, e.g. via the Isar command 'term' like this:

  term ""
        ^ now type text here, after waiting a bit

The same problem arises for other characters, such as ! tab to get the forall character, and ? tab to get the exists character. I can still use ALL tab to get the forall character, but EX tab (for the exists character) doesn't work.

That is the same situation.

Another problem (for which there is a workaround) would arise if I wanted to enter the string "<=" . If I enter this directly, the <= automatically converts to the single less-than-or-equal character. The workaround is to type "=" and then go back and insert the < character before it. That does work, but it's clumsy.

You can use "undo" of the editor to undo the completion, as explained in the "jedit" manual.


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