Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: which sbt ?

On Mon, 16 Feb 2015, Walther Neuper wrote:

 # A more capable sbt runner, coincidentally also called sbt.

Before I study this and also Scala Build Tool for Eclipse in order to select the most convenient way, I'd like to ask you:

How do you organize this kind of project involving Java, Scala and Isabelle/ML ?
Which project setup would you recommend ?

It depends which project management tool in the JVM world you like best, or understand, or are forced to use due to other side-conditions (e.g. the IDE).

Many years ago, I have once used the default "ant" setup for Netbeans projects, but it turned out inaccessible and unusable to non-experts of Netbeans. It is now a bit old-fashioned anyway.

Then I made a counter-movement away from JVM-based project management tools, just with minimalistic shell scripts around Isabelle tools. The latter is briefly documented in the "system" manual as follows:

section {* Scala compiler \label{sec:tool-scalac} *}

text {* The @{tool_def scalac} tool is a direct wrapper for the Scala
  compiler; see also @{tool scala} above.  The command line arguments
  are that of the underlying Scala version.

  This allows to compile further Scala modules, depending on existing
  Isabelle/Scala functionality.  The resulting class or jar files can
  be added to the Java classpath using the @{verbatim classpath} Bash
  function that is provided by the Isabelle process environment.  Thus
  add-on components can register themselves in a modular manner, see
  also \secref{sec:components}.

  Note that jEdit \cite{isabelle-jedit} has its own mechanisms for
  adding plugin components, which needs special attention since
  it overrides the standard Java class loader.  *}


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