Re: [isabelle] libisabelle: which sbt ?

> I also started to add an operation to be executed for test in 
>, which causes an error.

Just had a quick look at the sources. What seems to be the problem? The
invocation of 'sendCommand' looks correct to me.

> With debugging I run into questions about a comfortable project 
> setup. I see libisabelle/sbt with the comment
>> # A more capable sbt runner, coincidentally also called sbt.

The naming of that script is rather unfortunate. The "official" build
tool for Scala by Typesafe is "sbt", but it's not very easy to give
cross-platform instructions on how to set it up. The script you've been
looking at is also called "sbt" and is little more than a cross-platform
(well, except Windows) way to download and set up the actual build tool.
None of that is actually relevant for your main project, though, because ...

> How do you organize this kind of project involving Java, Scala and 
> Isabelle/ML ?

... for 'libisabelle' specifically I would recommend to just treat the
generated JAR file ('libisabelle-full.jar') as "just another dependency"
and drop it into some suitable folder of your usual Isac project
directory. There's no need to combine everything together into one big
project. Ideally, you wouldn't even change the source code of 'libisabelle'.


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