[isabelle] questions about PIDE architecture

Then I made a counter-movement away from JVM-based project management tools, just with minimalistic shell scripts around Isabelle tools. The latter is briefly documented in the "system" manual as follows:

section {* Scala compiler \label{sec:tool-scalac} *}


I see, you have found a way to replace IDEs' "run configurations", and I had the opportunity so see that used on your laptop efficiently such that I never could follow what is going on ;-))

But may I ask for "notes on PIDE architecture" ?

In PIDE communication between Java (i.e. Isabelle/jEdit) and Isabelle/Scala seems straight forward, because both run in the same JRE.
But how is communication between Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/ML possible?

Over the years watching the advent of *.scala in ~~/src/Pure/ I imagined some magic about the parallelism between the *.scala files and the *.ML files. But in


there are some directories from ~~/src/Pure/, and all of the copied directories contain exact copies of all the *.scala files and while dropping all *.ML files.

So, where comes communication between Isabelle/Scala and Isabelle/ML from?


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