[isabelle] PIDE by example

https://github.com/wneuper/libisabelle, which causes an error.
The invocation of 'sendCommand' looks correct to me.
Good to hear of "looks correct", but there is need for debugging ...

wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$ ./sbt full/assembly
[info] Loading project definition from /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/project [info] Set current project to root (in build file:/home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/) [info] Compiling 3 Scala sources to /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/target/scala-2.11/classes... [error] /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/src/main/scala/System.scala:36: Unmatched closing brace '}' ignored here
[error]     }
[error]     ^
[error] /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/src/main/scala/System.scala:39: expected start of definition [error] private def mkPhaseListener(session: Session, phase: Session.Phase)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[Unit] = {
[error]           ^
[error] /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/src/main/scala/System.scala:51: expected start of definition [error] private def sendOptions(session: Session, options: Options)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[Unit] =
[error]           ^
[error] /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/src/main/scala/System.scala:56: expected start of definition [error] private def startSession(path: Option[Path], sessionName: String)(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): Future[Session] = {
[error]           ^
[error] /home/wneuper/proto4/libisabelle/libisabelle/src/main/scala/System.scala:74: eof expected but '}' found.
[error] }
[error] ^
[error] 5 errors found
[error] (libisabelle/compile:compile) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 6 s, completed 19-Feb-2015 1:48:19 PM
wneuper at ProBook:~/proto4/libisabelle$

... where this "more capable sbt" seems not the right tool: the error

System.scala:36: Unmatched closing brace '}'

cannot been cause System.scala:36 has not been changed. So, what could be the error and how can I find another one myself next time ?


PS: And thank you for confirmation, what I hoped for:
How do you organize this kind of project involving Java, Scala and
Isabelle/ML ?
... for 'libisabelle' specifically I would recommend to just treat the
generated JAR file ('libisabelle-full.jar') as "just another dependency"
and drop it into some suitable folder of your usual Isac project
directory. There's no need to combine everything together into one big
project. Ideally, you wouldn't even change the source code of 'libisabelle'.

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